IPL Laser(intense pulsed light)

Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy, aka photofacial, is a way to improve the color and texture of your skin without surgery. It can undo some of the visible damage caused by sun exposure -- called photoaging. You may notice it mostly on your face, neck, hands, or chest.

  • Acne.

  • Vascular Lesion.

  • Brown spots.

  • Freckles.

  • Scars.

  • Spider veins.

An IPL treatment uses the power of broadband light to improve the appearance of sun spots, rosacea, age spots, and skin texture. The treatment can also be used for photo rejuvenation, as well as to alleviate dermatologic diseases like acne.IPL uses light energy to target a certain color in your skin. When the skin is heated, your body gets rid of the unwanted cells, and that gets rid of what you are being treated for. Unlike lasers, an IPL device sends out more than one wavelength of pulsating light.

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starting at $175 per session
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